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Why You Should Make It Your New Year’s Resolution to Floss Daily



Why Flossing Daily is So Important

When you eat a meal, a good amount of it can get stuck between your teeth. When this is left unchecked, it can cause serious plaque build-up which can lead to bad breath, cavities, and gum disease. Plaque builds up naturally after you eat, and this sticky substance is notorious for causing the mentioned problems and more. Even if you brush regularly and your teeth look okay, neglecting to floss can only do harm. Cavities can form in hard to reach places such as between teeth, making them go unnoticed until you’re in serious pain and in desperate need of a dental visit.

Poor oral hygiene is not just bad for the beauty of your smile, either. When bacteria builds up in your mouth, it can find its way into your bloodstream and can cause serious infection, which can lead to tooth loss and other illness. Your overall health does rely heavily on oral health, which is why keeping bacteria levels down and in check is so important.

Make a Resolution and Stick to It

Committing to flossing daily will be easier than you think, and it comes with a number of benefits. Not only will your smile be beautiful, but it’ll be healthier too. Flossing up to two times a day can significantly cut down on the amount of plaque buildup, helps protect tooth enamel from damaging sugars and oils, and reduces your chances of developing cavities. When paired with regular brushing and the use of mouthwash, you can guard your smile from the typical, but serious, problems that arise when oral hygiene takes a backseat.

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