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Why You Should Never Skip a Night of Brushing and Flossing



Why It’s Dangerous

After every meal, a sticky, bacteria-ridden film forms over your teeth known as plaque. Though it won’t do devastating damage if left alone for a few hours, it can begin causing problems fairly quickly. Because plaque is sticky, it can form between and around teeth. It can be very hard to reach, which creates a real risk of causing cavities and the beginnings of gum disease.

In addition to this, food particles can get stuck between teeth, making the risk for tooth decay even higher. Missing even one night of brushing and flossing means that all the plaque that’s accumulated throughout the day is left alone to fester and set over night, making it even harder to remove the next time you go at it.

Skipping a night of oral care is also dangerous because it’s a slippery slope. Those who skip one night are more likely to skip a second night, a third, and so on. This is partly because there are no immediate visible signs of trouble after just one night, so people tend to think their smiles are totally fine, but this is not true.

What to Do When You’re Too Tired to Brush and Floss

If you find yourself feeling too tired to brush and floss after a busy day, there are a couple things you can do. First, get up and walk around to get your blood flowing and senses alert. Then, drink some cold water to help wake yourself up further. These simple steps will give you the short burst of energy you need to brush and floss well before bed.

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