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Why You Should Choose a Dentist with a CEREC Machine




The best part about the CEREC machine is convenience. The usual procedure for receiving crowns is a long process that spans multiple visits to the dentist. It also involves plenty of human effort that can lead to errors, which no one wants when it comes to their smile. CEREC machines, as the name suggests, do all of the work with the crown while you sit in the chair. After the dentist gets an impression of your teeth, the machine does the rest. Only needing one visit to get a procedure taken care of that used to take multiple visits is a huge time saver that you shouldn’t go without.


The CEREC machine is not only a more convenient way to get a crown, but it’s also healthier and safer. Crowns are conventionally made with some amount of metals, usually aluminum. With the CEREC machine, however, your dentist can make porcelain only crowns with no metal at all. This is better for the health of your teeth and your overall health as well.

If your dentist doesn’t have access to a CEREC machine, you might not be at a dentist with the most up-to-date technology and procedures. If they have a CEREC machine, they are at the cutting edge of technology and show more concern for your holistic health, not just your teeth.  At Serenity Dental, you are assured the best experience from the beginning to the end of your appointments and procedures, whether you need a crown, another procedure, or just a cleanup.

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