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Looking for a Valentine’s Date? Your Smile is Key!


Why Your Smile is So Important

Think about it—how would you feel if someone with yellow, dirty teeth came up and asked you out on a date? Even if they’re incredibly kind, that smile would put a damper on some pretty normal things like talking, laughing, and kissing. Though this may be an extreme scenario, the point is that a beautiful smile actually does increase your chances of finding a perfectly nice date on Valentine’s Day, or any other day of the year. Here’s how:

·       Beautiful Teeth Instantly Make You More Attractive: A beautiful, white smile can instantly transform any face into one of pure loveliness, and people are sure to take notice. When you brush and floss regularly, you can help keep your smile nice and pretty between dental visits, which ensure that your smile stays nice all year long.


·       Beautiful Teeth Give You Confidence: When your smile is white and bright, you instantly feel more confident in yourself, which can also make you seem more attractive and approachable. If you have confidence in your smile, you’re more likely to flash it at someone you’d like to get to know better.


·       Beautiful Teeth Mean a Healthy You: Often, your teeth are indicative of your internal health. Red, puffy gums, yellow, rotting teeth, and bad breath can be indicative of more serious problems happening on the inside. When your teeth are pearly, your gums a healthy pink, and your breath nice and fresh, it’s an indicator that you’re good and healthy, which adds to your attractiveness. If you notice any of the mentioned problems, visit your dentist immediately.


Once you land that Valentine’s date, be sure to avoid foods that cause bad breath, foods that can get stuck in teeth, and of course, foods that can stain your teeth. With these tips, your Valentine’s Day should go off without a hitch!

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