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8 Gifts for Dental School Graduates



Below are eight gifts of varying prices, some serious and more costly, others less expensive and more like fun gag gifts.

1. A frame for his or her diploma - It’s important that the future dentist or dental hygienist is able to frame their degree so they can put it in their office for credential purposes. Why not get the graduate a very fancy frame? Frames can be customized to have unique trimmings, backgrounds, and include the alma mater’s logo and name.

2. A plastic wind up mouth/teeth toy – This funny staple of many a dentist’s office is available at basically any party store.

3. Items from his or her alma mater – These could be a graduate sweatshirt or t-shirt, or a mug or shot glass with the university’s logo on it.

4. Pliers – An homage to the not-so-fondly remembered history of dentistry, these can be a funny reminder of how far dental technology has come. You can easily find these online through sites like eBay and antique shops.

5. A bunch of tooth brushes and floss - You could even find funnier ways of doing this, like a giant toothbrush or oddly flavored floss.

6. Bags of sugary candy - This will usually get a chuckle out a graduate, knowing that they can never give these out to their patients.

7. Dental art - Like an anatomical portrait of the body or mouth, or other artwork that relates to dentistry (but something that they would be willing to actually put up on their wall).

8. Money - If you can’t think of anything else, money is always a nice option. Graduates from universities nowadays are in incredible amounts of debt and even the most lucrative careers have former students struggling to pay off loans. This is usually the favorite gift of any graduate.

With all these options, you’re sure to find something for the new dental professional in your life.


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