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5 Reasons Why Smiling is Great for Your Health


Smiling Promotes Endorphin Production

As noted by medical social worker Karen Kleiman, smiling actually releases endorphins into your body.  These chemicals relieve pain and provide a mild “rush” similar to what you feel during a pleasant jog or while playing sports.  Endorphins also reduce your stress level.

Smiling Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

When we’re more relaxed our blood pressure decreases.  Smiling relaxes you both through endorphin production and the sheer happiness that comes from a big smile.  Since high blood pressure can cause a host of health problems, anything that naturally lowers blood pressure is great!

Smiling Can Lead to a Longer Life

It seems only natural that happier people live longer lives, but a peer-reviewed study has shown that people who smile bigger and more naturally may very well have increased longevity.  While the exact cause isn’t certain, it looks like a strong correlation between smiling and a longer lifespan exists.

Smiling Leads to a Youthful Appearance

People who smile often exercise several facial muscles that cause them to often look younger.  Contrary to myth, smiling doesn’t cause wrinkles!

Smiling Can Boost Your Immune System

Who doesn’t want a healthier immune system?  According to one study, children who smiled more had an increased white blood cell count and thus more robust immune systems, so it’s possible that smiling may even help prevent illness.

Don’t be Afraid to Smile

The most common reason people don’t smile more often is that they’re embarrassed or uncomfortable with their smile.  At Serenity Dental, we understand that.  Some people don’t find their smile bright enough.  Fortunately, we have vast experience with teeth whitening.  Occasionally a patient may have crooked or poorly aligned teeth that prevent them from showing the world their smile.  We offer Invisalign and porcelain veneers to give you the healthy smile you desire and deserve.  Come see our team of dental professionals and let us help you obtain a happy, beautiful smile and all the health benefits that go with it.


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