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Is Professional Whitening Worth the Price?


Whitening toothpaste, mouthwash, and lower-end strips can certainly brighten your teeth a few shades. But professional whitening can make your teeth eight times brighter, a huge and noticeable difference. This is because dentists can use much more powerful whitening agents than you will find in any toothpaste. If you are only looking for a cheap option to get a slightly brighter smile, you can choose toothpaste. But for most people who are looking for a brighter smile that is substantial and easily noticeable, toothpaste or mouthwash will not work.

More Effective than Over the Counter Options

Over-the-counter strips are more effective than toothpaste alone, but they still do not match what you can get from a dentist. Serenity Dental offers you two options for professional teeth whitening: You can have it done in-office or bring trays home to whiten on your own time. Either way, you are getting far more powerful and effective whitening than what even the best strips could offer.

An important consideration is the overall health of your teeth. If you try to whiten your teeth when they are not in good health, the whitening will not be very effective, regardless of what type of whitening you use. Similarly, neglecting to keep your oral health in top shape can lead to you not seeing long-lasting results. Plaque, bacteria, and decay can prevent or reduce the effectiveness of even the best professional teeth whitening. Before you go in for a professional teeth whitening, make sure that you are keeping up with your oral hygiene.

If you want to get dramatically whiter teeth, or if you are still wondering whether or not professional teeth whitening is for you, schedule an appointment with Serenity Dental. The staff at Serenity Dental can help determine your need in person and give you the best care possible—before and after your teeth whitening—to ensure that your smile stays that way for years to come.

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