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Why All Athletes Should Use a Custom Fit Mouthguard



First, it’s necessary to discuss why mouthguards are so important in the first place.


Why are mouthguards important?

There is a reason why nearly all sports players in high school and lower are required to wear mouth guards. Teeth can be damaged from direct and indirect hits. Not wearing a mouthguard can also cause lacerations of your gums, lips and cheeks if hit in the mouth even with a little force. Mouthguards protect you from biting down with too much force, cutting the rest of your mouth, and causing serious damage to your teeth.

What are the different kinds of mouthguards?

When you go to your local sporting goods store, there are two different kinds of mouthguards you can buy: readymade and mouth-formed guards. The readymade ones are the cheapest option, and for good reason. While they may protect your teeth from damage, they are not comfortable, can come out of the mouth easily, and disrupt breathing/speaking since they do not fit nicely onto your teeth. They are not the safest option for you or your child.

The other popular option found in stores are mouthguards that can be molded into shape for your mouth by placing it in boiling water and melting down. While this solution is better than readymade guards, they can still be bulky and uncomfortable as they are meant to fit a large range of teeth. They also have a poor taste and can deteriorate.

At Serenity Dental, they offer a third option for a sports mouthguard that does away with the issues of the readymade and molded types. These custom made mouthguards are made from your teeth’s impressions. This means that there is no extra bulky plastic there, and you or your child will have a truly comfortable mouthguard that is strong enough to protect from injury while also looking and feeling good.

A mouthguard is important for the overall safety and well-being of an athlete. If you want the safest, most comfortable solution, visit Serenity Dental.

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