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Thanksgiving Facts That Will Make You Want to Brush Your Teeth


Here are 5 facts that will probably make you want to brush your teeth immediately.

1. You probably have something stuck in your teeth.  There are plenty of foods that frequently get stuck in your teeth, including proteins like turkey and ham along with vegetables like green beans, carrots, asparagus, etc. Make sure that you have a floss pick or a tooth brush to get these out from your teeth quickly!

2. Thanksgiving dinner is filled with acidic and starchy foods. Cranberry sauce and gravy are two of the larger culprits. Acidic food can make your teeth more susceptible to cavities. Starches also have sugars that can decay your teeth, which is what potatoes (both regular and sweet) are made of. Sweet potatoes can be extra dangerous when they come with common sugary toppings like marshmallows, honey, and brown sugar.

3. The drinks aren’t any better. Whether you choose to compliment your turkey with an alcoholic drink like wine or a non-alcoholic one like root beer, the drinks that you pair with your meal tend to be awful for your teeth as well, as they can damage enamel and cause stains.

4. That pumpkin pie is a cavity’s best friend. Pie, brownies, ice cream, whipped cream. It doesn’t take a dentist to know that sugar is awful for your teeth, and while these desserts taste delicious, they can cause serious damage if you don’t brush and floss well.

5. Holidays can knock you off your routine. Perhaps you’re travelling to family members. Or you are not in the same sleep schedule with a few extra days off. These changes can lead to bad habits, like forgetting to brush or floss your teeth. But as you can see above, during these holidays is when it is arguably more important to brush and floss because of all the extra sugary and acidic foods.

With all the dangers Thanksgiving can bring to your teeth, remember that brushing and flossing twice a day is the easiest way to avoid cavities and other harmful afflictions in your mouth.


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