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Eat This, Not That: Holiday Candy and Foods


It’s important to know you can eat healthy and still enjoy delicious foods in the holiday season! It’s all about knowing what to avoid, what to substitute, and what to eat in moderation.

Eat this: Baked potatoes. A simple baked potato, sans the cheese, tons of salt, and whipped butter, is pretty healthy, especially with the skin included. Starches still aren’t the healthiest of foods, but potatoes are very filling, so they can help you stay away from other, more sugary options.

Not that: Sweet potato dishes. Sweet potatoes themselves aren’t bad for you. It’s the toppings that do all the damage. These “enhanced” dishes often include plenty of additional delicious, yet diet-busting toppings like marshmallows, honey, and brown sugar. There’s just no way to rationalize eating this should-be dessert during your main course.

Eat this: Plain vegetables. Steamed green beans and carrots are a boring but incredibly healthy addition to any holiday plate. They have plenty of nutrients and do not add any unnecessary calories.

Not that: Vegetable dishes that include the words “cream” or “casserole”. Creamy spinach, corn casserole, creamed green beans. While they may be tastier than just plain old vegetables, the number of extra calories, sugar, fat, and sodium that you will be consuming is simply not worth it. Stick to the plain vegetables.

Drink this: Red wine. Red wine is good for your heart, pairs well with holiday meals, and does not have any additives that can enlarge your waistline.

Not that: Nearly any common holiday drink. Drinks consumed during the holiday season, alcoholic or otherwise, are filled with sugar, and loads of it. Whether it’s egg nog, a mixed drink like a martini, or a Starbucks cappuccino, they may taste delicious, but just remember that the drink will be sticking around well after the holiday season ends.

Don’t sacrifice a year of healthy eating for a few days of seriously unhealthy drinking and eating. Your waistline, oral health, and overall health will thank you.

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