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What is a Dental Headache?


There are a few general terms for different types of headaches: tension, cluster, migraine, and sinus. All of these can be identified by where the headache is originating. Sinus headaches are easy to diagnose because the pressure is very clearly in your nose and eye region, and it hurts to lean over. Migraines are also easily identifiable because they cause other symptoms like sensitivity to light.

Dental Headaches

These headaches fall under the “tension” headache category because they involve muscle pressure and don’t cause symptoms seen in others. Nevertheless, dental headaches can be extremely painful and last a long time. They are most often caused by two issues that are, thankfully, ones that your dentist can solve: TMJ and grinding your teeth. TMJ can be a result of trauma to the jaw. Sometimes, it doesn’t even have to feel very serious for it to harm the muscles enough to cause headaches. If you wake up in the morning with a mild headache, that is a strong sign that you are grinding your teeth at night.

How to Fix the Issue

If you have been experiencing tension headaches but have yet to know the cause, see the dentists at Serenity Dental. They have the expertise to help diagnose the issue if it is a dental headache. Serenity Dental can also give you the tools and help you need to make these headaches go away. You can get a mouthguard to protect your teeth from grinding at night and reduce the effects of TMJ, and they can also teach you jaw exercises that help relax the muscles in order to loosen up the parts of your jaw that are causing the headaches. If you think you may be having dental headaches, contact Serenity Dental today.


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