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Is Having Healthy Teeth All About Luck?

The Genetic Factor

To an extent, there is some luck involved when it comes to oral health and healthy teeth, and you perhaps can give your parents some of the blame in how many cavities or other oral procedures you need throughout your lifetime. Genetics have been found to determine how soft your tooth enamel is, how well permanent teeth come in, your need for braces, and more. It’s clear that, unfairly, some need to put much more work into prevention than others do to get the perfect white smile that you may desire.

Your Routine Matters

Luckily, genetics do not have full control of your teeth. Having healthy teeth is largely about how you take care of them on a daily basis. Brushing smartly and effectively will go a long way in preventing cavities, gum disease, and other health issues. This means not brushing too hard or with a hard brush, which can harm soft enamel even more. You also shouldn’t over-brush or floss. There is a point where you begin damaging the gums or teeth instead of helping. Listen to your dentist’s recommendations and don’t do more than you need.

The Effects of Food

Whether or not you have a genetic predisposition to oral health issues, drinking sugary soda and overindulging in sweets will have a negative effect on your oral health and will increase your potential of getting cavities. Some just need to work harder than others even after they reduce the sugar in their diet.


If you find yourself struggling to maintain healthy teeth, go see your dentist, or at least bring it up with him or her at your next appointment. Serenity Dental gives personalized recommendations that best fit your needs, genetic and otherwise. Contact Serenity Dental today to attain your best smile.

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