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Why All Athletes Should Use a Custom Fit Mouthguard

Simply put, the mouthguard is one of the most important pieces of equipment that athletes wear.  But unlike a helmet and pads, a lot of athletes and parents of young athletes do not consider the level of safety of different kinds of mouthguards. Having a mouthguard that the athlete wants to wear is essential to making sure that she or he actually wears it. You may not automatically think of this as something that the dentist can help you with, but Serenity Dental actually has just the solution for you or your athlete.


Is Professional Whitening Worth the Price?

Anyone who has watched TV lately has seen a myriad of commercials advertising teeth whitening, whether it’s strips, mouthwash, or new, “more powerful” toothpaste. And if you’ve ever researched how to make your teeth whiter, you have probably seen the option for professional whitening. This is a more expensive option—much more than simple toothpaste or mouthwash—but is it actually worth it? The short answer, for most people, is yes.


Fall Foods that Are Great for Your Oral Health

Fall is the time of harvest and bounty with some delicious produce in season. It’s also the time when candy and sweets can dominate gatherings of family and friends. Giving into temptation on select occasions will probably happen, but just know that too much candy, cakes, and pies can wreak havoc on your teeth. Make sure you focus most of your time on some foods that will help your teeth.