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How to Talk to Your Dentist About Anxiety and Concerns

Seeing a dentist should be a positive experience. They are there to relieve oral pain that you may have, check up on you to ensure that you don’t experience pain in the future, and give you ways to maintain your oral health until your next appointment.


Dental Bridge Versus Dental Implant - Which is Best for Me?

Having a full smile not only gives confidence, but it is a sign of oral health as well. If you lose teeth from an accident or gum disease, ignoring the new gaps can cause issues with talking, biting, and your gums, as teeth may begin to creep towards the gaps if they are not filled in.


What to Pack for School if Your Child Has Invisalign or Braces

Many children have to go through the somewhat awkward experience of having braces. It is almost a rite of passage. Choosing Invisalign over regular metal braces has many benefits, but braces can still be the right choice for some children.