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Is Having Healthy Teeth All About Luck?

Everyone has that one friend who brags about shirking their healthy oral habits, perhaps swearing off flossing or not brushing as consistently as they should, yet claiming that they have a perfect set of teeth anyway, never having a cavity. And you may be the person who is very health-conscious, doesn’t overindulge in sugary drinks or snacks, yet still always seems to get a poor report from the dentist when you go. This begs the question, is having healthy teeth all about luck?


The Hidden Benefits of Regular Dentist Visits

There are a lot of good habits to have when it comes to oral health. Of course, brushing and flossing daily is a must. But even if you are the most ardent brusher and flosser, you cannot rely on just yourself to keep your oral health at the best shape it can be. This is where your biannual dentist visit comes in.


Why You Should Fall in Love with Flossing

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. But while you are busy worrying about which flowers, cards, or gifts to get your special valentine, your oral health is (not surprisingly) ignored. Start changing that before it is too late!