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Eat This, Not That: Holiday Candy and Foods

The holiday season is considered by many to be the time to pig out and ignore any calorie counting or dietary goals. But just because it may be easier to forget healthy eating at the time, you will almost certainly regret it later when you notice the lost progress and weight gain from the extra food. Not to mention unhealthy foods are typically terrible for your oral health.


5 Ways You Throw Away Money on Your Teeth

Everyone is trying to be more conscious with their money nowadays. Often that means clipping coupons, price comparing while shopping, and looking for deals wherever you go. But do you know how much money you may be throwing away due to poor oral health?


Thanksgiving Facts That Will Make You Want to Brush Your Teeth

Thanksgiving is the premiere American holiday when it comes to feasts. There are so many delicious, quintessential dishes that you may only get to eat on Thanksgiving. And while you should definitely enjoy all of the great food, it’s important to be conscious of how important good oral hygiene is during the holiday season.