10 Tips For Going Green At The Office

10 Tips For Going Green At The Office

February 12, 2019

1. Recycle. This may seem like an obvious green tip, but many office spaces don’t have clear recycling protocol. Make sure your office has designated recycling bins. Even your old equipment can usually be recycled, but a special drop-off is typically is required.

2. Invest in green technology and equipment. Serenity Dental, for example, uses metal-free material for its crowns. Every industry has green equipment retailers where can get you equipment you need while helping the environment as well.

3. Use less paper. Email instead of printing when you can. Also, when you must print, invest in some environmentally-friendly paper.

4. Get energy-efficient lights. Newer lights like CFLs can last longer and are often brighter than conventional light bulbs. They also use less electricity.

5. And turn them off. If a room is unoccupied, turn off the lights. Do the same at night. If light is necessary, consider getting a dimmer switch so you can save some energy.

6. Green the bathroom. Conserve water by installing better tap filters and more efficient toilets. You can also use hand dryers instead of paper towels, and get more environmentally-friendly toilet paper.

7. Check your computers. Computers are incredibly important to the office environment, but they can also be huge energy wasters. Make sure that your computer settings are on energy-conservation mode, and turn them off when you can. Even a computer on standby mode can use energy.

8. Reuse what you can. For example, instead of stocking your office with cheap pencils and pens that get thrown out within a week, get reusable ones. This will help you save money on supplies and produce less waste.

9. Bring plants to work. Greening the office with plants can have a benefit not only to your environmental impact, but also your staff’s productivity and mindset.

10. Encourage employees to go green too. Having employees bring their own mugs, cups, and utensils to work cuts down on paper and plastic waste. You can even incentivize green habits.

While going green takes a bit more effort, the effects are definitely worth it. We dentist in Citrus Heights want to take care of our surroundings as well as your teeth.

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