Benefits Of Metal-free Crowns

Benefits Of Metal-free Crowns

January 28, 2019

Crowns are very often made of metal, most commonly in a procedure known as porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) for front-of-mouth teeth, and both PFMs and gold crowns for molars. However, having these metals can bring undesirable side-effects. At Serenity Dental, no metal is used incrowns. Instead, Serenity Dental offers composite and all-porcelain crowns, completely free of metals.

Holistic Dentistry

There are plenty of benefits to having no metal in your crowns. From a holistic perspective, the mercury in metal can have negative effects to your entire body. While the amount of metal in any reputable dentistry’s crowns are FDA approved, avoiding mercury altogether, and its negative effects on your brain and nervous system, should always be preferred.

Another disadvantage of PFMs is the pain that is attributed to them. Many patients with PFM crowns experience sensitivity that can be painful, especially with extreme temperature changes when eating or drinking something especially cold or hot. With metal-free crowns, these pains are reduced drastically or non-existent. A third benefit of getting a composite or all-porcelain crown is the improved similarity it has to a real tooth. The lack of metal allows for a better color that looks translucent, just like the ones around it. Composite and all-porcelain crowns are also fracture resistant, meaning that your crown won’t only look good the day you get it, but for as long as you have it.

While PFM crowns are extremely common, they aren’t the healthiest or best option of crowns. And as technology improves, so do the alternatives to PFMs. Getting a composite or all-porcelain crown will give you a better and more comfortable smile. Serenity Dental, a dental clinic near you can ensure that you get a metal-free crown that both you and the rest of your body will be happy with for years to come.

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