Braces The Painless Way

Braces The Painless Way

April 29, 2018

The teenage years often consist of acne, awkwardness, and braces. Braces bring back memories of picture day, gum, and hiding your smile. The overall benefit of braces, however, cannot be understated. With modern day advances in dentistry, teens and adults alike can enjoy all of the benefits of having a beautiful smile without any of the pain, both physical and otherwise, along the way.

Invisalign, the trusted name in aligner technology, can help you get the smile you want while keeping the smile you have. This gentle and aesthetically pleasing method allows your teeth to realign slowly using clear aligners. After a couple of weeks, you can trade out your old aligner for a new one that has a gradual change to further straighten your teeth.

This makes it especially easy to maintain your usual oral hygiene routine, whereas more effort is required to maintain oral hygiene with traditional metal braces. This can also prevent the staining, plaque buildup, tooth/bracket breakage, tooth discoloration, and/or tooth decay that can sometimes occur from the use of traditional metal braces.

Invisalign is also a metal-free option for those who prefer holistic dentistry and a more environmentally-friendly approach. Wires and brackets from traditional braces can poke and irritate the mouth. As Invisalign aligners are removable, you are free to enjoy any food you desire without any of the restrictions that traditional braces necessitate.

Braces help improve the occlusion, or alignment of teeth, improving both dental health and daily activities, such as eating. Straight teeth vastly improve the health of your mouth, as well as your overall health. Stronger oral health means the prevention of dental infections that can increase the chances of heart disease, stroke, pneumonia, and diabetes. While Invisalign is not for everyone, it can help correct many problems, such as crooked teeth, wide gaps, and bite problems.

The above benefits can be obtained without the personal sacrifices inherent in getting traditional braces and the ability to maintain a mature appearance, which is especially beneficial to adults.

If you want a winning smile the painless way, ask your dentist in Citrus Heights for a consultation today and see if Invisalign in Citrus Heights is right for you.

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