Cosmetic Dentistry: Cerec Crowns

Cosmetic Dentistry: Cerec Crowns

August 1, 2017

If a tooth has been significantly decayed through a cavity, crack, or chip, a crown is often the best solution. Unfortunately, traditional crowns are commonly made using metal, which can actually damage teeth over time. While crowns are meant to repair and restore impaired teeth to their best state, many people unwittingly harm their pearly whites by getting the traditional crowns put in. At Serenity Dental, CEREC crowns, an innovative and metal-free alternative, are offered for patients needing the restorative benefits of a dental crown without the dangers of traditional models. These new and improved crowns are made to blend in with the teeth and further strengthen them using a new state-of-the-art technology.

About CEREC Crowns

Part of the holistic dentistry services offered at Serenity Dental is the new and advanced CEREC Crown. Unlike traditional crowns, CEREC only requires one visit for it to be designed, milled, and placed. We understands that frequent trips to the dentist can disrupt a busy schedule, which is why we have included the new CEREC technology as part of the dental services offered at our Citrus Heights office. No longer do patients have to deal with uncomfortable goopy impressions, temporary crowns, multiple visits, or those conspicuous metal margins compromising their smiles. CERECcrowns are milled from high quality porcelain to blend in with the natural tooth enamel as well as to improve the crown and the tooth’s overall strength.

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