Curious About Holistic Dentistry?

Curious About Holistic Dentistry?

June 9, 2017

At Serenity Dental, our promise is that you, the patient, receive quality dental care in a relaxing environment. We understand that many people associate the dentist’s office with discomfort and even fear, which is why Serenity Dental has been actively working to create a safe and comfortable office environment since 2004. At Serenity Dental Citrus Heights, we offer our patients the option of holistic dentistry. That means that no matter your problem, you can rest assured Dr. Azouz and the rest of the team will take care of you. From cosmetic dentistry to custom fabricated crowns, the dental services at Serenity Dental are guaranteed to be top notch every time.

Holistic Dentistry: Composite Fillings

At Serenity Dental, we are firm supporters of holistic dentistry. This means that both your oral and complete body health are important to us. We take these factors into account when working with fillings and crowns. With the holistic practice methods, only safe, long-lasting composite resin is used when filling cavities or applying crowns so you can be rest assured no harmful metals or chemicals are entering your body. Composite fillings also blend in with the rest of your smile, so you can smile confidently all the time.

We recommend composite fillings because they’re better for your teeth and your overall health. Unlike amalgam fillings, composite fillings bond to your tooth structure which, in turn, creates long-lasting protection that strengthens your tooth. This durable substance is also resistant to temperature changes, which means the cracks and small fractures you may have experienced with amalgam fillings are a thing of the past.

Holistic Dentistry: All Porcelain Crowns

We want your smile to look and feel perfect. By omitting the use of metal and mercury, our Serenity Dental team successfully undertakes procedures that leave your smile looking natural and healthy. Our all-porcelain crowns strengthen any tooth ravaged by decay or other damage. These crowns restore the strength, structure, and function of your natural teeth while leaving them white and natural looking. Not only do our all porcelain crowns look great, they also protect your one-of-a-kind smile from further decay and other damage. Our office utilizes CEREC crowns technology, which means that getting a crown is no longer a multi-visit job. Now we can easily mill your crown in the office in about one hour.

Serenity Dental in Citrus Heights, CA is the office to visit for all your dental problems and concerns. Our professional team headed by Dr. Azouz is well trained in all dental procedures you or your family members may need. Next to your dental health, your comfort is one of our top priorities. To learn more, call our office today.

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