Family Dentistry: The Perfect Way to Maintain Your Family’s Oral Health

Family Dentistry: The Perfect Way to Maintain Your Family’s Oral Health

July 1, 2021

A healthy family is a productive family. Anyone would love to have a healthy and productive family. However, it is not easy to come by since it takes time and effort. One of the vital things you can do to attain this goal is to ensure that your family has proper oral care.

As you may know, oral health affects your overall well-being. Our dentist in 95610 can have a look in your mouth and tell whether you are healthy or not. For this reason, our dentist in Citrus Heights is offering family dental care to help you and your family attain your health goals.

Family Dentistry: Dental Care for All Ages

Family dentistry may sound like a complicated branch of dentistry, while in truth, it is not. In fact, this is a fancy name that stands for the various services that are designed to cater to your entire family’s oral needs. These services may range from cleanings and exams to dentures and dental implants.

In other words, the primary goal of family dentistry is to preserve your teeth and maintain your family’s oral health.

Oral health is essential to everyone, including your little ones. Therefore, it always best if maintenance of your oral health starts early in life. These are the formative years where teeth are still developing. So, a solid foundation is critical since it can help keep their oral health intact throughout their life.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to bring your child to our family dental clinic near you so that they may start getting a feel of the dentist’s chair. This doesn’t mean that teenagers, adults, or even senior citizens are too late to practice proper oral hygiene. Regular visits to our family dentistry in Citrus Heights will ensure that you have healthy gums and teeth.

What Can You Expect Within Family Dentistry?

As mentioned earlier, family dentistry has a plethora of services specially designed to cater to your entire family and might include:

  • Preventive Services

Preventive care is always the best approach if you are to have healthy gums and teeth. The services offered within preventive dentistry are geared towards keeping certain diseases and problems at bay.

Some of the services our dentist in Citrus Heights offers under preventive dentistry are exams, cleanings, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants. You may also receive some additional information on caring for your teeth; this might include diet and brushing techniques.

  • Restorative Services

Regularly seeing our dentist has many perks, and one of them is that certain dental issues can be caught early and treated. So if you have caries, our dentist can remove them and use fillings or crowns if the circumstance calls for it. Or, if you have gum disease, you can expect your teeth to be cleaned and gums to be treated.

If you have missing teeth by any chance, our dentist has a plethora of solutions that can ensure that the tooth is replaced, such as dental implants and dentures. Root canal therapy is also available for patients who have infected or inflamed dental pulps. We cannot forget that there is orthodontic treatment for patients who have bite-related issues.

  • Pediatric Dentistry

As you know, a good foundation is essential for your child’s growth. So, if you bring them at a tender age, they will start developing the proper oral habits that will ensure that their teeth stay healthy and strong.

They can benefit from preventive services such as dental sealants, fluoride treatments, and even dental cleanings. All these treatments are geared towards keeping their teeth cavity-free.

Benefits of Family Dentistry

When you opt for family dentistry, you can reap the following benefits:

  • Simpler Dental Care

Our family dentist is trained to cater to the entire family, from infants to senior citizens. This means that you don’t have to look for a different dentist who will cater to the other family members’ needs. Instead of setting different appointments at various clinics, you can just make one for your whole family.

  • Easier Tracking of Your Dental History

If each family member goes to different dentists, then tracking their progress can be a daunting task. However, if you all go to a single dentist, the dentist will have an easier time assessing your progress.

  • Helps to Set a Good Example for Your Kids

Whenever you come with your little ones to our offices, remember that they are observing you. Over time, they become comfortable and will have no problem seeing the dentist.

If you desire to maintain your family’s oral health, contact our dentist at Serenity Dental.

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