Gum Problems And How To Handle Them

Gum Problems And How To Handle Them

September 30, 2018

Your gums are incredibly important to both your dental health and overall wellness, so they deserve plenty of attention. When left unchecked, you could develop serious gum problems that will present themselves with pain and discomfort of varying degrees that can seriously disrupt your day to day life. When you come to our team at Serenity Dental of Citrus Heights, we can carefully check your gums, help evaluate your pain, and even rule out some causes. A thorough examination is the only thing that will help your teeth and gums to stay healthy and strong. Your oral health is the most important thing to us, which is why we provide quality dental services for the entire family.

Common Gum Problems

If you’re experiencing swollen, bleeding, or overall uncomfortable gums, it is usually indicative of gum disease. Before jumping to the worst case scenario, however, it is important to understand that there are plenty of other things that could potentially cause gum problems. Common causes include the following:

  • Your Brushing Technique: Many people believe that the harder they brush, the cleaner their teeth will be. Unfortunately, the rigorous brushing can damage your gums by tearing the skin and leaving abrasions behind.
  • How You Floss: Over-flossing can cause similar problems as brushing too hard. Rigorous flossing can cause swollen or bleeding gums, so it is important to floss gently between teeth, moving gently around the gums.
  • Gum Disease: Possibly the most common cause of painful gums is gum disease. It usually presents itself in the less serious form known as gingivitis, but many people struggle with a much more severe type known as periodontitis. In many cases of periodontitis, individuals have had to seek emergency dental care to help fix their problems.

When you visit us at Serenity Dental of Citrus Heights, we’ll be able to take care of your gum problems through different treatment plans. Holistic dentistry is a great option for our patients with gum problems as this dentistry focuses on the whole person rather than the problem at hand. Many times, a change in behavior can be just as effective as treating the problem directly. Contact us today to make an appointment with a member of our professional team.

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