How To Treat Receding Gum Lines

How To Treat Receding Gum Lines

October 31, 2017

Receding gums occur when the soft tissue that surrounds your teeth begins to wear away towards the root. The gum line slowly begins to pull away from the teeth and exposes more and more of each tooth. If unchecked this can cause tooth loss and other periodontal problems.

There are several different reasons why receding gum lines occur. The main cause is periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection that destroys the gum tissue and the supporting bones that hold the teeth in place. Poor dental hygiene also causes receding gum lines. Biofilm, a strong form of dental plaque, builds up over time from neglecting to brush your teeth. As this plaque begins to build up, it causes cavities and the erosion of enamel. When the tarter grows above the gum line it can result in receding gums.

Aggressive tooth brushing and insufficient dental care are also major causes of gum recession. When teeth are brushed in a heavy-handed fashion it can damage the gum line and the teeth.

If you are diagnosed with receding gum lines there are several ways it can be treated. The first is pocket depth reduction. In this procedure, the affected gum tissue is moved back, the harmful bacteria is removed from the pockets, and then the gum tissue is secured in place over the tooth root. If the supporting bones are destroyed, a procedure to regenerate the lost bone can be given. In this procedure the dentist will move back the gums, remove the bacteria and graft tissue or tissue stimulating proteins to the effected area. Finally a soft tissue graft procedure can be given. In that procedure a flap of skin is cut at the roof of your mouth. This tissue is then grafted to the exposed root.

Laser therapy in Citrus Heights is also highly beneficial for receding gum lines caused by periodontal disease. Not only is the laser used to sterilize the bacteria which penetrate deep within the pocket of tissue around the tooth, but it is also used to trim overgrown and inflamed tissue. This makes it easier for toothbrush bristles and floss to maintain health around the tooth. Additionally, laser therapy is minimally invasive and much more comfortable than traditional gum surgery.

If you are suffering from receding gum lines, or are concerned that you may be at risk, call Serenity Dental today and schedule an appointment.

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