How Your Dentist Can Help With Sleep Apnea

How Your Dentist Can Help With Sleep Apnea

March 5, 2019

Sleep apnea, or the process of oxygen being deprived during sleep, can be very bothersome, not only to you, but those around you. Whether your snoring is causing problems with your marriage or others that live in the home, disrupts your sleep enough that you find it difficult to work, you suffer from depression or you find it difficult to drive, there is help available not only from your doctor, but your dentist too.

The Oral Appliance

If snoring is your main issue, an oral appliance can help to gently position your jaw and allow your airways to open. This helps to reduce snoring without requiring you to wear large masks or hook up to tubes and machines that make sleeping near impossible. The oral appliance helps to gently move the tongue forward and lower your jaw in a gentle manner. This makes a collapse of the area in the back of your mouth less likely and snoring a thing of the past, allowing you to sleep more peacefully.

How Dentists Help

When you work with your dentist near you, in addition to your sleep specialists, you can ensure that you have an appliance that fits perfectly. If your appliance does not fit correctly, it will not reduce your sleep apnea, rendering the treatment useless. We have extensive training in the proper placement and alignment of oral appliances to ensure their effectiveness. Because the oral appliance is directly affected by your teeth and jaw, it is essential to have a professional dentist’s input to ensure that no damage occurs to the teeth or gums in addition to ensuring that treatment is effective.

Working Together for a Solution

When you seek treatment for sleep apnea, there needs to be a collaboration of expertise to ensure a positive treatment. Consult a dentist, your primary physician, as well as a sleep specialist to ensure that all aspects of your disorder are taken into consideration. With the right information at hand, we can all work together to get you sleeping successfully.

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