Is Invisalign Right For Me? The Benefits Of Invisalign Over Braces

Is Invisalign Right For Me? The Benefits Of Invisalign Over Braces

July 13, 2017

With all of the technological advances made in everyday life, it is no surprise that the traditional method of straightening teeth with braces has advanced as well. The more updated method of teeth straightening is called Invisalign. As with any variation from traditional methods, many people wonder if this new technique will work for them. While every case should be examined by an experienced dentist before making a determination, here are some of the benefits we’ve seen using Invisalign:

More Esthetic

Invisalign got its name due to the “invisibility” of the clear plastic trays that are used to align our patients’ teeth. This invisibility is great for anyone who doesn’t want to have a large chunk of metal on display every time they smile. Whether you are a teenager, looking to straighten your teeth during your middle or high school years or a working professional who doesn’t want the look commonly associated with school-aged kids, Invisalign allows your smile to remain free of visible obstruction for the duration of your treatment.

More Hygienic

Food can get stuck in the wires and other metal parts of the braces. This can cause a variety of dental problems including tooth decay, plaque, bad breath, and gum inflammation. In extreme cases, food can get lodged in the gum because of the inflammation, which increases the chance of infection. Invisalign clear aligners can be taken out to eat, brush, and floss. This creates a healthier environment for your mouth.

Shorter Treatment Time

In general, it takes less time to straighten teeth using Invisalign. Treatment time can be from a few months up to about a year and a half, depending upon the severity of the corrections needed. These times can be significantly shorter than the duration of having braces. There is a good possibility of needing a retainer to keep your teeth in place after finishing with any corrections, but the same can be said with any type of teeth straightener.

Fewer Visits and Shorter Appointment Times

Because you will wear a new aligner every two weeks, you will not need to spend a lot of time in the office. When wearing braces, patients need to come see us often because we need to constantly adjust them in order to make them work effectively. A physical examination of your progress would only be needed every six to ten weeks, and the time spent in the office would be much shorter. Many of our patients enjoy this benefit as it reduces the time required to be spent away from school or work.

With all of these benefits, it is easy to see why Invisalign is becoming more and more popular as a method for getting the smile of your dreams.

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