What can you do to help treat my periodontal (gum) disease at home?

Did you know that here at Serenity Dental, Dr. TChamba is able to treat your periodontal disease in a non-invasive yet powerful way? The best part is, it is comfortable, convenient, and easy to use in just minutes a day at home!

What is this exciting technology? It is called Perio Protect, and it is a patented device similar to a mouthguard or whitening tray. You simply dispense a small amount of prescription-strength gel into each tray delivery system and wear it while you work, play or just relax for a moment.

Combating that bacteria under your gums has never been more affordable also! So isn’t it about time to get your gum infection under control, so it doesn’t lead to other linked general health issues such as heart disease, immune weakness, diabetes, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease, just to name a few?

When you take this painless approach to gum health, you will not only be shielding your body from infections and disease entering your bloodstream through your mouth, but you will be rewarded with fresher breath and whiter teeth! Isn’t that a great combination?

We invite you to come to our Citrus Heights location today and ask our friendly and knowledgeable dental team if you are a candidate for this non-surgical approach to periodontal health.

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