Porcelain veneers lead the list of aesthetic treatments Serenity Dental is using to transform lives. If you’re considering porcelain veneers for a new smile, here’s what you can expect…

The First Appointment

During your first appointment, Serenity Dental will assess your oral health and discuss what you have in mind for your smile. It can even help if you bring a photo in with you as a visual reference.

When designing your veneers, Serenity Dental considers this discussion and your visual reference, in addition to the shade of your teeth, your features, your skin tone, and your facial symmetry. If you have any questions about porcelain veneers, he will be happy to provide comprehensive answers.

Tooth Preparation

Your first appointment will also give our doctor a chance to prep your new veneers by gently buffing your teeth to remove 1 to 2mm of enamel. Tooth reduction allows your veneers, when they’re ready, to lie flat, in line with your surrounding teeth. We may also need to reshape your teeth to create the look you want.

Our doctor will then take an impression of your mouth, which he’ll send to the lab, before applying your temporary veneers. Your teeth may feel sensitive until your permanent veneers are in place.

Behind the Scenes

Once you’re done with your first appointment, we will order your veneers from a dental lab, where they will be handcrafted from durable materials by a talented ceramist. The information we provide the lab will ensure that you receive veneers that will enhance your smile and complement your appearance.

Veneer Placement

Local anesthetic may be administered during your placement appointment to ensure your complete comfort during the procedure. Our doctor will remove your temporary veneers and double-check the fit of your permanent veneers. You can also examine their shape, color, and fit prior to placement. If alterations need to be made, tell our doctor right away. Veneers cannot be changed once in place.

If everything’s as it should be, we’ll begin placing your veneers. First, our doctor will clean the surface of your teeth with a mild acidic solution, then he will bond them in place, allowing for adequate flossing space. A small light will cure the bonding material.

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional veneers, Serenity Dental also offers Lumineers, a brand of low-prep veneers that can be placed with minimal preparation to the teeth. Our doctor will examine your teeth and talk with you to determine what’s most right for your smile.

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