The 5 Worst Halloween Candies For Your Teeth

The 5 Worst Halloween Candies For Your Teeth

October 13, 2018

Avoid These Candies for a Healthier Halloween

  1. Sour Candies: Whether they be Gummy Worms, Sour Patch Kids, Lemon Drops, Warheads, or Sour Belts, sour candies can do serious damage to your teeth. Most all sour candies contain large amounts of acid, which significantly wears down the tooth enamel, or the first line of protection for your teeth. When the enamel is worn down, your teeth are much more susceptible to decay, being broken or chipped, and sensitivity to temperature changes.

  2. Sticky Candies: Sticky candies are those that are chewy and stay in the mouth for a long time. They include taffy, caramels, gummies, and other chewy candies as well as candies filled with peanut butter, nougat, or coconut. Such candies often leave a residue on the teeth and gums which attracts bacteria and can lead to decay. Stay away from Twix, Mounds, Snickers, Milky Way and other like candies.

  3. Hard Candies: Hard candies are especially bad for your teeth because they spend much longer in your mouth. Most people suck on hard candies, which bathes their teeth in acid and sugar, making them highly vulnerable to cavities. Try to avoid lollipops, jawbreakers, and other like candies.

  4. Straight Sugar Candies: Some candies are pure sugar and you can usually tell when it coats your teeth in that gritty residue that doesn’t seem to go away until after you brush. Such candies include things like Cotton Candy, M&Ms, and suckers.

  5. Dark Colored Candies: Candies with a lot of dye and sugary syrup constantly bathe your teeth in sugars and colors that can not only make your teeth vulnerable to cavities, but also more susceptible to stains. Lollipops, Ring Pops, and Jawbreakers are typical culprits of this.

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