Your Teeth And Your Overall Health

Your Teeth And Your Overall Health

April 5, 2019


First and foremost, your dental health has a large impact on your self-esteem. When your smile is less than perfect, whether with stained, crooked or chipped teeth, it can wreak havoc on how you feel about yourself. You might find that you smile less, avoid eating in public or are more timid than your personality allows. Healthy teeth, on the other hand, allow your personality to blossom and your moods to be more stable.


Your digestion relies on the health of your teeth first. If you do not have healthy teeth, you have a decreased ability to chew your food appropriately. When food is not properly chewed, it is harder to digest, resulting in upset digestive systems and a decreased ability to feel good. In addition, if you have large amounts of bacteria in your mouth, it can make its way to your digestive tract, resulting in inflammation and various serious digestive illnesses.

Heart Disease

Perhaps most concerning is the risk of heart disease, which is high if you have gum disease. The initial stages of gum disease are harmful, but typically not to your health. It is when the disease gets overlooked turns into periodontitis that you become at a much higher risk for heart disease and stroke.

As if these weren’t enough reasons to ensure you are taking proper care of your teeth, neglect can cause bad breath, pain and likely necessitate expensive repair procedures. Be sure to brush and floss regularly, and don’t skip those regular cleaning visits with your dentist!

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